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Snare Drum 15 ply 5.5×14 $300.00

Low mass lugs will allow us to tune our drums lower. These vintage style tube style lugs are also free of springs and other moving parts. You will find that each tom features two die-cast air vents. Each vent is situated midway between two lugs and 2/3 down from the top of the shell.

All of my wood drums are built with Keller shells.


How do we locate the “soul” in our drums? Head selection and tuning can have a huge impact on their sound, but there are many other factors which change the sound of the drum.


The material of a shell can define the base of the sound, which we can shape with different bearing edges. Some edges can help produce a sharper attack, for example, which may complement certain musical situations.


A thicker shell will give us a louder sound, but with less warmth. This is due to a boost of air movement and less shell resonance. Thinner shells typically retain more warmth from shell resonance.