Gold Lyrics

what good is a life in search of gold
seeking for spending and growing old
this cannot be the only path because
this one’s feeling cold

our knowledge feeds the monsters of greed
not only are we planting the seeds
but we’re blocking the heat of our great suns rays
while we wander in this gloomy haze

the way to progress is towards our demise
forced this way so someone could rise
had the choice been mine to make
we’d only live to survive

I’m on this path and I’m all alone
making my way, away from my home
happiness flees this mind that I own
will I look back and see that I’ve grown

passing the point of no return
we’ve lost our innocence our naivety
there’s no way back into the wood
our primal ways will become obsolete
crossing the line as they once did
to fulfill their needs out of the trees
letting go and starting this maze
fled the sands and into the caves

I’m on a different path here all alone
there’s no one around, no place to call my home