Gateway Lyrics

they told me this would make me normal
it had a long-term indirect side effect
little did I know it’d change my fate

maybe I need something to bring me closer
something that would help me integrate
sit down, have a drink, you know what I mean

which me will they demand
do you really think I could just go pick a hand
should I hide and flee
why can’t I just be me

the way I wish to be, or the one I’m naturally
myself is who I am, but I’m the reason why I’m damned
it seems like everybody only wants me to see
something I will never care to be

this one’s about the substances that trick your mind
this one’s about the side effects that we all find
I’m talkin’ ’bout those times when you think you need repair
but all those long-term side effects which you never had a care

it was the second year in the new millennium
every day, she looked at me, my presence was desired
I was never myself all thanks to the drug
never could I communicate how I felt

the drugs, they will confuse your mind
you will lose control when you think everything’s fine
this will change, you will regret
the drugs which control the rest of your life