In My Wake Lyrics

this is where we live, our pale blue dot, our home
we’re thankful for all it brings to us, but we fail to show serenity

the mist is taking over, shrouding whats below
the time will come to reveal all that lies beneath the smoke

the other stars say things out loud, it’s always tough to let them shine
we know they have a dark side, its the only true one we find

the time has come to see whats left, the triggers finger shows his face
the dust has finally settled, the wretched mist has made its final case

just around the corner, laughter follows in my wake
the let downs always seem to take control
who’s that shadow figure in the corner of my eye
I think he’s waiting for me to die

the silent whispers have left a trace
it burns so brightly, lighting up the sky


most think they’d recognize evil if they saw it
most think they could describe evil as they know it

when all this hurt is done to us, its hard to think about
their lives and what’s been done to them
perhaps they share the same thoughts as you, one will give rise
is it for good or bad or is it evil in disguise