Broken Wishes Lyrics

I often sit there, gazing into the stars
tell me where we went wrong, I don’t know where I belong
I often fall spiral into a dream
my future goes away, all my problems seem to stray

moving through

before I fall, I sense the nearing feel
slipping from this dungeon here, the feeling takes away my fear
I’m paralyzed, but my eyes, they still see
the phantom venom fills my veins, I am lifted into space

moving through
I am gone

I seem to have missed all the things you’d learn
moving through the system
all but a box of broken wishes may be lost
here I have the pieces torn and burnt
the growing mind is toxic
leaving behind all I know may be the only way

I’m trying to find a way
is my existence worth fighting for
please, tell me, I’m still dreaming here, in nightmares
this life I’m living does not function