Wormhole Lyrics

I can’t be your everything, but you know me too well
perhaps I can’t be your anything, you’ll see it in time

you can wish for anything, I won’t stop you, please go
you may wish for everything, your wishes must be true

until time has come my way, I fear I am stuck here to stay
time has patience of infinity
it knows nothing of emotions or events that follow through
you can’t change it, no one can

if you want to, you can turn your back
I won’t stop you, don’t look back

I know I am nothing
and it feels so good to say it
I feel I can’t be anything
and I’m glad I can finally admit it

in time we spend, in time we look, back, and we wish
’til time has come my way, I am still stuck here to stay

I want everything to come true I can see it in the fifth dimension
when the skies collide, I can fall back and rebuild
if I find myself on the other side, will he believe me when I say
I’m your failure, could you show me your way

but until that happens…